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History is not just events and dates. It is an ongoing analysis of "why" things happen and "why" people do the things they do.

What have previous historians said about the topic of inquiry? Do they all agree? Why not?

What are the forces that determine responses to larger circumstances? Historians use geography, politics, religion, economics, and culture as larger themes.

What might some smaller themes be? If you had to write a history of one of your great grandparents, how would you start?

As we travel through the history of the United States how many themes can we use in our quest? How are eras determined? Sometimes historians use regions in the investigation. What might effect a region?

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Tools of the Trade

Primary sources are documents created during the time being investigated. Can you think of any? What do historians do with them?

Secondary or scholarly sources are articles, books, or monographs, etc., that are written by scholars. They use primary sources to analyze the past then consult the historiography.

Is this a primary or secondary source? Click on picture for information.

Short description of sources

Pocahontas Abigail Thomas Jefferson Sacajawea Lincoln runaway slaves Susan and Stanton We the People